HEROIN Claims Yet Another Young Marion Native's Life

HEROIN Claims Yet Another Young Marion Native's Life

Feb. 27, 2013 - By TV-22 Staff -

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Chrystina Carey will be buried today after her 1pm funeral.  The 30 year old twin was the victim of heroin addiction.

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Marion’s Lost Promises is a very popular Facebook web site for the Marion community. We highly recommend its viewing. There are many post on this site demonstrating the huge problem Marion has with heroin use.

Marion native, Chrystina Carey, age 30, will be buried today. Her funeral is today at 1 pm. at the Cornerstone Alliance Church on SR. 4 south. 

Her death from an apparent heroin overdose has stunned and shocked her family and many friends. Her death has brought into reality the dangers and widespread use of heroin in the Marion community.

TV-22 is airing a series of shows focusing on the alarming number of deaths in the Marion area from heroin overdoses and the many people and their families who have been hurt by heroin.

Recently, Brad Belcher, a local Marionite called much attention to Marion’s heroin problem when he posted several hundred yard signs in the community declaring heroin as a problem. He was cited by police for trespass and putting signs in tree lawns.

The community has awakened to the problem and are speaking out. Below are some of the Facebook post which having been appearing, showing not only the interest in the problem but just how big the problem is.

Facebook Post

Marion's Lost Promise

2 minutes ago

Does anyone know the anonymous tip line number? I have someone in need of it. Thank you in advance for your help.


 Barbara Thomas Huffine:( so sad another beautiful life gone 2 such a horrible thing. I've lost so many ppl n the last 2 yrs alone 2 the nasty shit. Not 2 mention ove the yrs all 2gether. Seems like the last 2 yrs its really swept ppl. Now an Angel n Heaven <3

 ....Marion's Lost Promise

I just wanted to say that what you are doing and the awareness that you are bringing to the surface is a really great thing. I am currently in recovery....been fighting the heroin battle for 11 years and b4 that was pain pills.....my journey has been rough, I overdosed numerous times and sometimes I felt like I was never gonna win this fight, but I can proudly say that with the help o...f Dr. Marks group and some real genuine good hearted people that I am winning this fight. There is help out there for the people seeking it. yes there might be a waiting list, but really its worth sticking it out. It took me 12 weeks to get into Dr. Marks group but compared to the last 11 years....really what is 12 weeks. Its worth the wait.....and the reward is getting your life back!!!!!!See More

11 hours ago.This is my friend Brooke. She would have been 32 years old today (2/26). She died last year from a heroin overdose. She left behind four beautiful children, a loving mother, two brothers and countless friends that loved her. There's not a d...ay that goes by that I don't think about her and how much I hate heroin. A renew my vow to help do something about the problem in Marion.

Watch TV-22 this week as well as the next few weeks for our show "Truth in Consequences...Marion's Heroin Problem" as we interview several local residents who were heroin addicts tell their stories.